We provide a variety of solutions to owning a vintage Philco Predicta!
Already own an original Predicta? We specialize in complete restoration. Don't own one, but would like to? We have a variety of pre-owned, ready to restore models to choose from!
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We've been servicing Philco Predicta's for over 20 years, with hundreds of satisfied customers. Let us serve you with an original Predicta today!
All stocked sets are pre-owned models from the original Philco Predicta TV line. Prices vary depending on the model, style and amount of restoration service required. We pride ourselves with the ability to preform restoration services compared to that of museum quality standards.
Each Predicta chasis is throughly inspected and restored using original vintage tube technology and each set is aligned to NTSC broadcast standard. This process guarantees a dependable & reliable TV picture reminiscent of the original manufactured set.
17" Chasis 10L43 BEFORE
17" Chasis 10L43 AFTER
17" Princess 3410 BEFORE
17" Princess 3410 AFTER
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With each restoration project, we do our best to use as many original Philco Predicta parts as possible. We reserve the right to slightly modify the original design where necessary to ensure reliability of the restored television set.

Because of the nature of vintage tube technology, a "whisper" cooling fan is added to each Predicta set to enchace preformance and maintain a reasonable operating tempature.

Each restoration project is limited to a first come, first served basis, and all custom orders are booked and priced accordingly. Completed project timelines vary according to the nature of restoration, customizing detail, and the technical complexity of each model. We offer "custom options" such as non-factory cabinet colors and trim pieces in chrome or gold plating. Your options are limited only by your imagination!

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